Southern Paws has just recently opened its doors to provide great service at the earliest we can. We are in the process of adding to the Resort and we will provide more information and photos of the facility as it progresses.
Drop off and pick up at your convenience during office hours. Daily fees are applied for the day of drop off and at each following day at 12:00 Noon. Daily charge of $5 per day for each puppy.

For Dogs

Southern Suites Top of the line includes TV, Cable & Netflix
➔ Indoor/Outdoor – $48.00
➔ Indoor – $44.00

Texas Size Accommodations XL indoor/outdoor accommodations
➔ $38.00

Large Accommodations Great for medium to small families or singles, indoor/outdoor
➔ $34.00

Standard Accommodations Indoor
➔ $31.00

Doggie Daycare
➔ $23.50

Exit baths – Price varies
Nails – $5  •  Ear Cleaning – $5

For Cats

Cat Condo
➔ $19.50

Charges will be charged the day of drop off and the pick up day will not be charged if it is before 12:00, after 12:00 will be additional day. Sundays are a automatic day.

Coming soon: